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about generating trust since 1985

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The McElroy name carries a long tradition of treating customers fairly and providing exceptional craftsmanship. Since 1985, McElroy Electric offers complete building integration from general power and lighting, to building automation and the full spectrum of utility controls. Rather than resting on our proven expertise, we continually lean forward with innovation – finding better, longer-lasting, time- and cost-saving solutions for our clients’ challenges.

McElroy Electric is a woman-owned electrical contractor.

core values

our core values

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positive attitude

We know the greatest influence on an outcome is the attitude with which it is approached.

  • Be Caring
  • Be Approachable
  • Be a Team Player
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We are remembered for our actions more than our words. Doing what we say is more valuable than saying what we’ll do.

  • Be Honest
  • Be Responsible
  • Do the Right Thing
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problem solver

We are hired to perform a service. We are paid to deliver solutions.

  • Be Thorough
  • Be Determined
  • Be Productive
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We are motivated by the pursuit of mastery. We make excellence a habit.

  • Be Proud of Quality
  • Learn Constantly
  • Never Be Satisfied
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Service to others

The community has provided us with opportunities. We will serve it with gratitude to the highest of our ability.

  • Be Unselfish
  • Be People Oriented
  • Be Involved
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safety More than practices.
It’s our culture.

Of all we’ve built since 1985, we consider our reputation for safe practices to be our most important achievement. Building our safety culture is a never-ending process, actively involving all of our team members. We strive to hire well-trained, safety-conscious employees who join with our experienced team members to grow our safety culture and carry it from one generation to the next. We share and follow industry best practices, regulatory guidelines and especially our own experience. Together we maintain, update and promote our safety procedures, training materials and culture to best protect each one of us – wherever our job duties take us.


our history

Our history Our Name is Our Promise

For many decades, the McElroy name has stood for exceptional craftsmanship and service you can trust. Wearing the McElroy name means we promise to treat you with respect, and that the job will be done right, for the right reason and the right price.

Jerry McElroy founded McElroy Electric in 1985. He treated every customer like they were the only customer, and always stood behind his work. We proudly continue operating on those core principles. With McElroy Electric, you can count on clear and honest communication, innovative solutions, expert craftsmanship and service above all.



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